“She makes me laugh!”   Faith Middleton, CT Public Radio

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Nancy Tucker’s School Programs

All programs are forty-five minutes in length and are tailored to the age group(s) attending.

The Bizarre English Word Bazaar
A program focusing on the challenges and zaniness of the English Language

This show is brightly woven with original songs and insights into the world of simile, metaphor,onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm, spelling and the delightful twists and turns of the English language. It is designed to strengthen skills in self-expression and offer new ways to creatively use the spoken and written word. Laced throughout the show are opportunities for humor and participation, as Nancy captures the imagination and heart of each participant with gentle invitation and contagious lunacy.

The Whole Tamale

Join Nancy on one of her favorite adventures! This program is a masterful weaving of word play, earth songs, and songs of self-esteem.  It’s filled with opportunities for participation and uproarious laughter. Creativity, energy, and inspiration are the byproducts of this funny and informative assembly. This is a perfect show to reward students and teachers for a job well done.

Nancy's mission is to honor the playfulness of spirit that lets everyone win. Her 30 years of working with both children and adults, and background as a teacher of biology, creativity and songwriting provide a strong foundation for program content.

What Schools Are Saying

Our region O.M. (Odyssey of the Mind) committee recognizes Nancy's creative genius. Her unique humor and ability to communicate with all levels speaks clearly to her own personal celebration of life. Her gift is to be shared, as she is one of those special caretakers of our collective childhood fantasy.
~ Carol Ann Smith, Syracuse University Teacher of the Year, Skaneateles, NY

Nancy Tucker mesmerized an audience of 600 teachers from all over the world, regenerating their energy and their belief in themselves.
~ Sally Riese, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of Confratute, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

I was amazed at how quickly my six year old son caught on to the words of Nancy's songs. Repeating is so important for the young mind today. He questioned different parts of her song to grasp more understanding. Tanner wanted to know how she could "sew" seeds in her garden he said "I sew buttons and I sew patches but -----she "sews" seeds?" So we made flash cards -Now he gets it! Tanner also entertains his brothers, Trey four years and Spencer two years old, by putting on his sunglasses and doing Nancy's Cat and Mouse act. The boys loved it we then talked about how a person can take on many roles. What a language experience for my own six-year-old son and my fourth graders! Nancy was able to capture a wide range of learners -- hats off to Nancy for offering this unique learning style.
~ Ronica Lawrence, Teacher, Heuvelton, NY

The enrichment and love of music Ms. Tucker brings to each school class or student is phenomenal. The benefits of her work with the students will be felt long after she leaves.
~ Janet Dielman, Creative Arts Teacher/Consultant, Madison, CT.

Nancy Tucker genuinely engages kids. Her music, stories, and anecdotes build self-esteem, good feelings, and an appreciation of life. Everyone leaves her concert happy!
~ Dr. Small, Principal Lincoln and Sherman Elementary Schools, Ogdensburg, NY

I want you to know that I greatly appreciated your talents, but appreciated even more the rapport you established with our children. I am a strong proponent of children being outstanding critics. You received rave notices.
~ William Pallombella, Principal, Waterman School, Skaneateles, NY

The students were talking about you for days afterwards. Everyone was impressed with your beautiful voice and what seemed such ease in performing in front of an audience. We all felt like a part of the performance, not like we were being sung to.
~ Jaqueline Zachary, Conard High School, Hartford, CT.

Nancy Tucker has a special magic that reaches into the heart of every child. She also has the ability to bring out the child that resides within each adult. She is fun, witty, entertaining, and spreads joy wherever she goes.
~ Plato Karafekis, Principal, Wolcott School, West Hartford, CT.